Kubota U50-5

Product Description

 KUBOTA MINI EXCAVATOR ( New Registration & Financing Loan )

Model : U50-5

Engine : Kubota V2203-M-E3-BM-SG1 ( 40 Hp ) Tier 4

Weight : 4,950 Kg


Unique advanced functions pooling the essence of Kubota Technologies.

Kubota is the first in the field of compact construction machinery to use advanced

equipments such as ” Auto Idle. LCD Display with Self-diagnosis Function”. It’s

leading originality ushers the future of mini excavator.


Auto Idling System ( Auto Idle ) Ai

Save up to 10% of fuel with Kubota’s Auto Idle. When the control levers are in neutral

for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever

and the engine RPM immediately returns. This Innovative feature reduces noise and

exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs. Even in urban area and during night

time, you may carry out opperations at ease.


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